Coverall Dupont Tyvek with attached hood elastic wrist and ankle.


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This DuPont Tyvek suit provides maximum protection that's so comfortable you'll forget that you're wearing it

These DuPont Tyvek® 400 Hooded Coveralls are comfortable enough to wear all day, yet still give you protection against hazardous particulates such as mold, asbestos, fiberglass and some pesticides. Zipper front. Elastic wrists and built-in booties.

  • Move Freely: Coveralls are fully cut to allow greater freedom of movement
  • Minimize Tears: Generous cut reduces "tearing out" in critical areas
  • Maximum Protection: Elastic wrist openings, hood and built-in booties give you maximum protection
  • Cool Comfort: The Tyvek® 400 material breathes by letting your body heat escape, keeping you cooler