Hard Hat MSA White Fas-Trac Phenolic Full Brim w/ratchet and 4 point ratchet suspension


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  • MSA Skullgard White Class G Fiberglass Protective Hat With Fas-Trac suspension is designed to provide outstanding protection in hot and dangerous industries. Cap with lamp bracket and cord holder has smooth crown for easy use of MSA welding equipment. This cap sets the standard for steel mill environments and withstands radiant heat loads up to 350 deg F. Cap finds its applications in agriculture, asbestos abatement, chemical, construction, electric utility, hazardous materials, mining, nuclear, oil and gas paper and pulp, sand blasting, sanding and grinding, water/wastewater and welding. This ANSI type I cap can be customized with imprinting and striping and meets ANSI Z89.1-2014 standards.